David Rotman is committed to working from referral to finalizing a settlement to ensure that every mediation is successful. Decades of experience have taught him how to listen, engage, evaluate, and collaborate. Diverse and divided participants routinely reach voluntary resolutions, even in highly complex, contentious, and protracted litigation with many millions of dollars at stake. All of this is accomplished in a completely confidential context.

Karen Kukla is available to assist in obtaining the agreement of all parties to participate in a mediation and can provide references and detailed information about Mr. Rotman’s experience to interested parties. There is no charge for this service.

We actively communicate with and facilitate discussion among participants to tailor our approach to the set-up and execution of an effective mediation process. We work to ensure that the parties have enough information to make realistic settlement evaluations. We will confer on how and when to present specific information. We insist upon the attendance of real decision-makers who have the ability to make real-time decisions during the mediation based on the information and confidential evaluations developed and shared through the day.